Monday, July 7, 2008

Four, Four, Four

Someone just sent this to me, and as I sit and cry about The Bachelorette and her decision with which I do NOT agree, I'm going to wipe the tears away and play. Feel free to play along with me - make sure to let me know you played!

A - Four places that I go to repeatedly - work, Target, supermarket, gas station

B - Four people who e-mail me regularly - Anna, Allison, Matt & Craig

C - Four favorite places eat - Maroni's (Northport), Laguna Grill (Syosset), Kumo (Plainview), Pastaria (Plainview)

D - Four TV shows I watch all the time - The Bachelorette, Big Brother, Grey's Anatomy & Flipping Out

E - Four places I would rather be right now - Disney, Greece, Hawaii, Italy


  1. hehe - glad I made your list and was #1 for emailing. I would be disappointed with anything else and in fact, am going to email you now.

    ps sorry about the bachelorette :(

  2. I seriously live in Target.. it is actually kinda scary how I can just roam the isles for hours.. haha..

    And Grey's.. sigh Grey's..I can't wait for the fall.


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