Monday, October 13, 2008

Ten Things...

It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks. Not quite sure why, but I've been in a funk. It happens from time to time but this ones been rough and I seem to be taking it out on everyone around me. All the time. Not a great way to make friends! Tonight I was thinking about what my blog post would be and a top 10 list came to mind. Only it wasn't a great top 10 list. 10 things I want to change about myself. In my mind it then morphed into 10 things I don't like about myself. But between the time I thought of it and now when I actually sat down to write, I realized that writing that list would push me deeper into my funk, deeper into a place that I really just don't want to be. Trying to think positive, my list has further morphed into 10 things that I DO like about me. Here we go....

  1. I'm smart. I've never had a problem in school. Ever. I always got pretty good grades, made honor roll in high school, dean's list in college. I did well on my SAT's, never failed a Regents exam or final, got into the college I wanted, the program I wanted and graduated with a pretty good GPA. Oh, and I also passed the CPA exam (after a few tries) which is pretty rough goings.
  2. I'm good at my jobs. I'm talking about my actual paid job. I'm pretty good at it. I'm an accountant and the Controller for a real estate management firm. I get my work done and done well. I can implement systems, delegate work and wind up with the right answer and the right numbers and the right report. I've always gotten good performance evaluations at all the jobs I've had, this one no exception. I'm also good at running my own business, although that's maybe not really considered a "job", mostly because it doesn't pay. Yet. But one day it will, so I guess it qualifies here.
  3. I'm a long term friend. Most of the friends that I have, I've had for years. And by years I mean between 20 and 30. My best friend is from kindergarten, almost 30 years. I have two close friends that I went to camp with when I was 12. I'm still close with most of my wedding party (actually all but 1, but that's another story). I try not to be close with one person one day and then someone else the next. The people I'm friends with, I'm friends with for a long time.
  4. I'm a good friend. Sort of goes with #3, but different enough. I'm a good friend. I'm here to listen, give advice and help when needed. I'll be honest with you but not hurt your feelings. I don't cancel plans at the last minute. And I'll do whatever it takes to help you when you need me.
  5. I have nice hair. It had to get sort of superficial somewhere. I personally think my hair is okay, but I've been told by alot of people that it's "sooooo nice". It's dark brown, straight and pretty thick. And usually shiny, which is nice.
  6. I'm funny. In a snarky and sarcastic sort of way, but I definitely make people laugh. Usually I don't even mean to, but I like when I do.
  7. I've got a dimple. Okay, minds out of gutters. On my cheek. On my face. I always thought dimples were cute. Only not on the Cabbage Patch Kids. I digress. I've got one cute dimple on my cheek and it's pretty cute.
  8. My feet are cute. Really, I think they are. My second toe is not bigger than my big toe, and I like that. Something weird, but it made my list.
  9. I'm a connector. Of people. I love it. I love talking to someone and they mention something they need and I know someone who can be that person for them. I love making good recommendations and I love when people take my advice and tell me how right I was. :)
  10. I've read alot of books. Okay, coming up with 10 things was a stretch so this one may be a reach but it's true. I dont' mean children's books or picture books or even magazines. I mean honest to goodness books. Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer is the best book ever. Really, really ever. It was written before I was born but nonetheless, greatest book I have ever read. Okay, fine, right now my book of choice is Stori Telling by Tori Spelling, but I do read real books.
Okay, so those were my 10 things. Maybe not great, but a good exercise for me. Maybe I'll try and think of one more thing each day. Sort of a "live positively" vibe for me, something new. You never know, right?


  1. No funks allowed - it's fall! Go apple picking (can you do that in New Jersey?) or on a hayride, or throw a costume party for your friends. All sure fixes for a funk!

    I've missed you!

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  3. You are awesome! Funk Smunk you'll get out of it!!! Man after reading how awesome you are I think I'm depressed..LOLOL

  4. Good for you! I often have to yank myself out of a funk. I love your list. LOL about the cute feet!


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