Tuesday, April 6, 2010

BIG Problem

At 730am, I woke up to screaming. Not your average kids-yelling-at-each-other screaming, but real, honest shrieking. Thinking that either one of the kids had lodged themselves into someplace that they shouldn't or someone's arm was falling off, I raced downstairs only to find that the television wouldn't turn on. Yup, no television in this house brings on mass hysteria. For a 7 year old and a 4 year old, this is a sign of a potential disaster and the world coming to an end.

A bunch of years ago, my dad had his eye on this new high tech (at the time) Sony television and after watching the price for months more than a year or two , he finally bit the bullet and made the purchase. Not only did he buy it, but he completely remodeled the room that would house the treasure set, complete with a closet that built the television into the wall. Upon entering the house the first time, the delivery guys promptly dropped the television on the ceramic tile floor, resulting in a giant crack down the side of the casing. Needless to say, the store shortly sent a non-cracked replacement.

After a few years and the emergence of flat screen televisions into our world, my dad bought another set and gave us the older Sony. It was perfect and it fit wonderfully into a corner of our den. At 40 inches, it was a huge improvement over the 27 inch non-HD set that we previously had. The only stipulation was that we needed to hire four BIG guys to relocate the television from my parents' house to ours. Reason being that this television weighs over 300 pounds. This is no exaggeration, it really weighs that much.

With all of the hysteria this morning over the television that wouldn't turn on, my first thought was not of the money we were going to need to spend to replace it, but more like "how in the world we were going to get this 300 pound television our of our house?"! From my asking friends to my updated Facebook status (Stupid TV broke. Anyone know a repair person/company that will come to my house and not charge me more than it would cost to buy a new TV?) to my calls to the repair shop that quoted me a minimum repair fee of $500, I have heard that if we buy a new television that is delivered, the delivery guys will cart away the old set.

Fingers are totally crossed on this one, because this could really be a BIG problem.

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