Thursday, April 24, 2008

From The Mouths of My Babies....

Oh, to be a kid again. Yesterday I took my son and his friend to their gym class and while we were in the car, overheard the exciting conversation between two 5 year old boys:

Son: I love the Mets
Friend: I love the Yankees
Son: I love the Mets and I love the Yankees a little bit
Friend: I just love the Yankees
Son: I hate the Red Socks. When we see them, my papa always yells BOOOOO really loud.
Friend: 5 year old boy laughter
Son: Shea Stadium was built in 1964 and in 2008 they are knocking it down and they are building another stadium named Citifield.
Friend: Hmmm....that's a good name.
Son: Yeah, it is, isn't it?

So simple, so innocent, yet so grownup.

Is it normal that I am sad that my first baby is big enough to have this conversation with his friend? Is it normal that I am sad that he is going to kindergarten next year? Isn't that something that I should be so happy about, like celebrate this major milestone in his life? When I think about him waiting at the bus stop and getting on that bus the first day of school, I'm just sad.

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