Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Finally Saw It!

Yes, I finally saw it. What? The Sex and the City movie. During my first attempt with two girlfriends on opening night, while en route to the theater, I received a phone call that my father in law had passed away, and although we continued on to the movie theater (my husband pretty much forced me to go), there was apparently a glitch with the credit card that my friend used to purchase her ticket online, and we didn't get to see the movie.

Three weeks later, I found myself out to dinner and at the movies with a different girlfriend, who was excited to see the movie although she hadn't watched the show. What? I didn't realize that there were people that never watched Sex and the City while on HBO. There can't be that many. Anyway, I, on the other hand, have seen every episode ever made. Twice. Okay, maybe three times.

So the credits roll and I'm thrilled. I feel the smile on my face. As they go through a quick backstory on each of the four women, I feel the tears coming. Seriously. We're about 3 minutes into the movie and I'm already tearing crying. This is going to be BAD. I'm so excited to see the movie that the two and half hours whiz by. Yes, the movie was two and a half hours long! It could have been two and a half days long and I truly wouldn't have cared. I would have sat with the same tears in my eyes smile on my face for the duration. And loved every single minute of it.

If you haven't seen the movie and plan on it, stop reading this post now. I'm telling you ahead of time that there are definite spoilers lurking in this post, so if you have any inkling that you might be going to see it and don't want to know what happens, STOP HERE.

I could go on and on for a good long while about this movie. To spare you, I've decided to list my top 10 comments, in no particular order, but keeping them in bullet points so I might be able to go to sleep at some point tonight.

  1. Loved Carrie's wedding dress - beautiful. Hated Carrie's wedding hair - what was with the bird??
  2. Loved that she beat Big with the flowers in the middle of the street. Literally beat him over the head with the bouquet. It was NYC of course, so no one stopped to do anything to help him. I don't know what I'd do if I saw that on the street.
  3. Hated that Samantha and Smith broke up. But truly loved that Samantha didn't go back to her old ways and wind up sleeping with the neighbor. Very tasteful, definitely have to hand it to the writers on that one. Sidenote - Samantha looked really old to me, did that hold true for anyone else?
  4. Loved the apartment that Carrie and Big bought (almost bought?). Are there really apartment like that in NYC? Every apartment I've ever seen could fit in that apartment about 10 times. Maybe more.
  5. Hated Big's first proposal to Carrie. Yuck. Loved the second. Even if he gave her a shoe instead of a diamond ring.
  6. Loved Charlotte pooping in her pants. Probably the funniest part was later when she was talking to Carrie about how perfect her life is and how she's waiting for the shoe to drop, and Carrie says, "Honey, you sh*t your pants this year, I think that's enough."
  7. Loved that Miranda went back to Steve. They totally belong together, even though during most of the movie he sort of looked a little more dorky than usual.
  8. Didn't love that so much of the movie was devoted to the time coming up to the wedding, then the months after the wedding and so little time was devoted to Carrie & Big getting back together. Would have liked to see a little more groveling (from him) and a little more of a hard time going back to him (from her).
  9. Loved that Charlotte finally got pregnant. That girl deserved it.
  10. Loved that the relationships between the women were so strong.
The last thing that I want to say is that the movie made me feel happy and it made me feel sad. Happy that my beloved characters, whom I had watched for so many years, were finally all grown up and really settled, and that I had closure on what happened in their lives. Sad because I really wonder if groups of women like the four in the movie really exist. Do these amazing group relationships truly last, day in and day out, through the 20's, 30's and 40's? It made me a little wistful for a group like that of my own. Believe me that I have good friends, but it's more one on one relationships, not in a group. All of the groups that I have enjoyed in the past have sort of drifted apart as our lives evolved into different things.

All that being said, I loved the movie. Could there ever be another sequel or is it goodbye to our NYC girls forever?


  1. Um, (sheepishly raising my hand from the back row) I've never seen it. Not one single episode. Can we still be friends?

  2. Yeah, you can add me to the list. I have seen one or two episodes, but never had HBO and never watched it regularly. I haven't picked it up on TBS either.

    In spite of that, I loved this post. I do get so involved with some shows I watch, and I would have sat the same way you did in a little reunion of sorts with my "friends" from the small screen.

  3. Ok, so as your friend that was with you on your 1st attempt to see SATC, I am so happy you actually finally saw it! And like you, I can watch the shows / movie over and over. So, let me know if you want to go again :) And, if yes... we are getting sushi first!

  4. I left feeling the same way. I don't know that friendships like that are very common. Like you, I have some great friends, but to have one special group, not realistic. Still, such a fun movie.

    I had never seen the TV show!!! But I loved the movie just the same.

  5. LOVED THIS MOVIE!! Seriously, it was so GREAT. And I loved your recap :) Seriously... what was with that bird on Carrie's head?? :)


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