Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dear Time...

I had one question when I got up this morning and that was, WHERE THE HELL DID THE WHOLE SUMMER GO??

Seriously, how could it have flown right by me without my noticing?

It was apparently moving at the speed of light because I didn't even feel the breeze as it rushed by.

Maybe it was because it rained every day except for 3 during the entire month of June.

Or because our first day that the temperatures went over 90 degrees was in August.

But sigh, camp is almost over for the kids - only one more week.

Which means that I only have one more week of freedom between the hours of 9am and 430pm. And probably only one more week of finding Camryn asleep in her bed at 6pm and having her sleep until the next morning until 730 or 8am.

Soon they'll be back in school. And we'll be waiting for the school bus again every morning.

I'll be the mom of a first grader. A first grader who will be getting some serious homework this year.

And then the weather will get cold. We'll probably skip fall again and then all of a sudden we'll be knee deep in snow.

Why is it that as soon as I had kids, time just started to fly?

I feel so super young, but numbers don't lie. And my number isn't super low anymore.

So here's my plea.

Dear Time,
Please slow down. Just a little bit. Let me appreciate and enjoy my kids while they're young because if you keep going as fast as you are, I'm going to turn around soon and they will be gone. So if you could just slow down a little bit, I'd really appreciate it. Let me feel the breeze as you pass by. Pretty, pretty please? Thanks.


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