Friday, January 30, 2009

My Name is Amy, and I'm a Blogger

When I went to college, I graduated with an accounting degree, got a job, my CPA and have been working ever since. I've done audit, tax and have taken on various roles of management at various companies over the years. I've managed teams of more than 10 people, evaluated and implemented software, hired and fired people, cut costs of more than $500,000 and have done major things with my career. I was always ambitious and wanting to get myself to the top with a major title and corner office. Although it changed when I had Aaron, it really all changed when I had Camryn.

After I had Aaron, I wanted to be home, but I also think I knew that I would at some point have another child and thus another 3 month maternity leave was in my future. But after I had Camryn, I had a desire to do something different. To do something more. I was sure that sitting in an office crunching numbers and fixing links in my spreadsheets was not all that my life was meant to be. Deep down I knew that I was meant to do more.

It was around that time that I had my third child, my business. I've talked about it before here, it's a website that connects parents in my area with the information that they need to make the right decisions for their families and gives businesses a way to connect with parents. Pretty much helps everyone all around, as I knew that it would. But something I never imagined it would do it bring me into a whole new world - a world of compassion, a world of friendship and world of inspiration that I never knew existed.

Over the past year, I have met the most amazing women I have ever known. Women who seem like Superwoman and Wonder Woman and Mary Poppins all rolled into one. Online, it doesn't matter what you look like, how many kids you have, what religion you are, where you live. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, purple or grey. I have been able to form bonds with people that I would have never met and if I had met them, I'we may never have become friends. I've met women who have one kid and women who have seven kids (which sort of makes my overewhelmed-ness with two seem silly).

I've found that online, you get to know the actual person. You hear feelings, you feel compassion, you find comraderie where you never would have known it otherwise. I've been inspired, I've been picked up and I've been boosted by people I've never, ever met in person. I've been asked for my opinion and consulted on issues where my opinion has mattered and made a difference. I've been introduced to the world of blogging, twitter, flickr, friendfeed and so much more. People have come to me to ask me questions about a world that I'm honored to be a part of.

Overall, the blogging community is a huge community that I had no idea existed one year ago and now, I'd be sad to not be involved in.

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  1. Amy that was fantastic! Very well written and oh so true.

  2. Thank you Amy! Very well said. It is amazing how much the blogging community can consume you in such little time. It is wonderful!
    Good Luck!
    Caitlin @ Mabel's Labels

  3. Agreed. Well-said.

    I'm thinking I probably fall into that 'women you never would have met' category. And I suppose I should be thanking Disney because I'm so glad we did! :)


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