Monday, January 5, 2009

One Sad Bachelor

The only thing I could really say about halfway through the first episode of The Bachelor 13 is "really"?
Are these girls really that dumb?
Do they really scream like that all the time?
Could the criteria for being picked for this show really have been (1) looks hot in a bikini and (2) is a total moron?
Is this one girl's name really Treasure? And she's not a porn star?
I could go on. For a really long time.

If you've read the few recaps I wrote of The Bachelorette episodes one and two and my note to DeAnna from after the finale, you would know that I was very excited for Jason to be the next Bachelor and find his one true love. I was really hopeful for him. Because DeAnna broke his heart. In front of a gazillion people. And now, after seeing his choices, I am contemplating boycotting this season. Okay, not really, but these girls are truly awful. And they need to stop screaming. Now.

I think this is going to be a really long season.


  1. I have never watched this show...I like some reality tv...I am a sucker for american idol (I know I know) but after reading this...I have no plans to start watching this show! I boycotted survivor a few years ago...still feel that way...don't watch amazing race anymore either...Big Brother disgusts me but I like the "game" so I watch it...and I love watching the aspiring singers...

    that is just me.

  2. Have you watched Mama Boys? Now that show is awful.. I have not watched a Bachelor in forever.. probably since that guy and girl got married.. I cannot remember her name right now..

    but I too wonder where the heck do they find these people??

  3. I feel your pain. Those girls were such bimbos. How could Jason possibly be dumb enough to be making out with so many of them (all at different times of course, but still). I'm holding out hope that DeAnna was coming to gravel at his feet.


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