Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I Learned This Week...

My Disney Mommy Blogger friend Jo-Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife started a great bloggy carnival - What I learned this week. So here goes for week #1----

What I learned this week is that everyone has their own crap. Seriously, no matter how perfect their life may seem, how put together they look, how great their kids seem to do - everyone has crap.

When I was growing up and didn't get something that I wanted or things didn't go as planned, I remember wishing that I was someone else. It was usually specific - the really pretty and popular girl in school, my friend whose mom didn't care what time she came home on a Friday night, the girl with the seemingly awesome boyfriend. Regardless, if someone had something that I didn't have and that I wanted, I would, at some point, wish I was them.

As time went on, and I grew up, I stopped wishing I was other people and learned to be happy with who I was, mostly because I realized, as stated so eloquently above, everyone has their crap.
  • My friend who I mentioned above, (the one who we loved to sleep at her house during high school because her mom didn't care what time we wandered in at night) well, it turned out that her mom didn't care because, well, to put it bluntly, her mom couldn't stand her. A few years ago, her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer (she's okay now, but fought hard).
  • A friend who seemingly had it all together all of the time and a great life - her dad got sick pretty suddenly and passed away and a few months later she was told she had the gene for breast cancer and underwent an emergency hysterectomy and double mastectomy.
  • A friend from a long time ago who is insanely beautiful and married a gorgeous guy has a son who is severely autistic.
  • A family who lives in a gorgeous house and has a gazillion friends - the husband was just arrested. For MURDER.

Do I need to go on? I did well in school, my parents turned out to be pretty cool, I got married to a great guy, had a great job, was able to buy a house that I wanted and had two amazing and healthy kids. I've got a pretty good life that I really wouldn't trade for anything.


  1. Oh and we do have our crap dont we. I have the funniest "friend from forever ago story" I should post it sometime...but the short version is we weren't really friends, in fact she hated me and now our children are in preschool together and will only play with each other...OMG

  2. Amen! My mom would say that the people you first seem perfect, then you get to know them... and you can be thankful that you are you!

  3. Amen! Great lessons. And now I'm laughing b/c I see that Eli's Lids said the same thing. :-) I have definitely learned that lesson time and time again, and I still need to be reminded. So thanks!


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