Thursday, May 8, 2008

Anything Other Than NO....

My daughter turned 2 in March. 39 days ago to be exact. Is it possible that only 39 days in she is in the "terrible twos"? Two years ago, I had a brand new, adorable, little baby. Today, I have an adorable 2 year old who whines like there's no tomorrow and seems to only know one word - NO. No to everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Me: We're going to go to Grandma's!
Cam: NO
Me: We're almost there!
Cam: NO
Me: We're here! Yay!
Cam: I stay in car.
Me: Don't you want to see Grandma?
Cam: No. Shy to Ama.
Me: Don't you want to see Papa?
Cam: No: Shy to Papa.
Me: Don't you want to see Ari? We have to bring him home!
Can: No. I stay in car.

About an hour later...
Me: Do you want desert?
Cam: No
Me: Do you want to read Dora?
Cam: No
Me: Do you want to read Bunbun?
Cam: No
Me: Do you want to watch TV?
Cam: No

At that point, it was bed time. No matter how many no's.

Since I've had my kids, I have always worked full time. I mean, I worked full time before that, but continued full time since I had kids. For the past year, I've still been working full time, but two days of that full time are at home. My kids have always had babysitters and nannies who they loved. I might not have loved the babysitters and nannies, but that's a story for another day. Anyway...all of a sudden, this little girl is seriously attached to me and "shy to" everyone!

Maybe it's a phase. Or maybe she just loves her mommy.

Either way, the whining and "no" need to come to and end. Soon.

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  1. Oh I hear ya. The twos. WOW. They are adorable. But infuriating. LOL.


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