Friday, May 2, 2008

We Made It Through...

Kindergarten was a success today. Aaron was a little nervous when I dropped him off, but excited at the same time. We checked in, he showed them his name tag and went with the woman. There were about 70 kids, split into groups of what looked like about 10 kids each. Each group had a different color. All of the 5 kids from Aaron's nursery school class were split up. They were there for about 2 hours, then the parents came back, sat through some talks and then we picked up the kids at about noon. They got certificates that they went to kindergarten orientation, met all of the kindergarten teachers, saw the classrooms, lunchroom and gym, and even went on a bus ride on a big school bus. He had fun, got a shirt that said "Class of 2014" and proudly wore it all day.

Excuse me, I am going to go cry now.

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