Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Bachlorette Episode 2 Recap

My timing definitely sucks. Sometimes though, life gets in the way of writing the latest Bachelorette recap. Without further ado, here it is.

My thoughts have not changed from last week. I spent a good part of the two hours of this week's episode thinking, what garbage can did they find these guys under? But, I digress.

The show opens with a very long recap of last week’s episode, which of course includes DeAnna’s debacle from her season on The Bachelor with Brad. I really don’t understand why they keep bringing this up. The poor girl was mortified in front of the entire country, not once, but TWICE by this guy. Why does ABC keep throwing it out there? If I was DeAnna, I’d be plenty pissed off. Moving on. You can read my recap of episode 1 here, I can’t go through that again.

Anyway. All of the guys are standing in front of the beautiful mansion when Chris lets them know that no, they won’t be staying there. Instead they’ll be staying in a dingy guesthouse where they have to shower outside under a shower head with no walls. However, three of the guys will stay in the mansion with DeAnna. This week, these guys are the three that received first impression roses last week – Jeremy, Richard and Jesse. Needless to say, these three guys are totally psyched.

One of the guys from the house brings a date card to the guys in the guest house. The date card tells them who gets to go on a date with DeAnna. The first date goes to Jason, Ryan, Twilley, Sean, Paul, Fred and Richard. For me, nothing has changed since last week. Love Jason. Can’t stand Twilley (he always looks like his eyes are closed for some reason). At this point, I’m pretty ambivalent to the rest. This date brings them to The Magic Castle, which looks pretty cool. It’s a house that just has magic tricks, magicians and other stuff everywhere. For the first trick, DeAnna has to pick an assistant and she picks Jason. He’s SO happy. So am I. They climb into a box, the magician does his thing and what do you know, they disappear. Shocker. The guys are pissed. Jason and DeAnna disappear for what seems like awhile into a room where they sit on a couch and talk. It seemed like Jason was going to tell her about his son, which I was personally hoping that he wouldn’t, but he didn’t. Smart guy. Not that he’s hiding it, but he wants her to get to know him before she prejudges him for having a kid. I though wonder where the kid's mom is – were they never married, are they divorced or did she pass away? My guess is that she’s alive somewhere because if she wasn’t, I’d bet money that ABC would be milking that. After Jason and DeAnna rejoin the group, Sean takes DeAnna away for a little chat on a loveseat next to a piano. This was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen so far. Sean is the martial arts master (remember last week he decided to kick a lemon off of Jesse’s head?) and he doesn’t really do anything for me in the personality department. Oh, and he has a mullet. Bad haircuts aside, he starts to talk to DeAnna and wants her to know "another side" of him. Every time he starts to talk, the piano starts to play. And as he said, the piano isn’t just interrupting him, it’s mocking him. Seriously. Sorry Sean. He never got to say what he wanted to because of the piano, but it gave viewers a pretty good laugh at him. No way will he be the last one standing, so just end it now, DeAnna. Please don't give Sean a rose this week.

The guys at The Magic Castle all want to know who is going to get the rose that night, so they’re pulling out all the stops. DeAnna asks them to show her a magic trick each and some are okay, but then there’s Twilley. Oh wow, this guy is a total disaster. He gets in front of the group and starts to tell a story. Only it seems to go on F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And ever. And ever. I thought it was going to be the rest of the show, him telling his story. I couldn’t tell you what it was about because I lost interest and it really doesn’t matter. It was dumb. Really, really dumb. Oh, I hope he doesn’t get a rose. He shouldn't have even gotten one last week.

Here’s the first guy-fight. Why, oh why, do these guys act like a bunch of women? The fight is pretty much Twilley versus Paul and Ryan, with Paul and Ryan saying that they think Twilley isn’t there for the right reasons and if he’s going to hurt DeAnna and not open his heart to her, he should leave. Now Paul (the smart guy who stripped last week and jumped into the pool in the freezing cold) and Ryan (who this week revealed to the guys that he's a virgin) know DeAnna pretty well after what, one conversation? Oy vey.

DeAnna then talks to Fred and Paul. No excitement there. None at all. Fred has a major Chicago accent, Paul’s is from Canada. The conversation had no substance to it at all. Poor DeAnna, half the time she really must be bored to tears. Now it’s DeAnna’s turn to give one rose to someone in the group. She chooses Paul. Can’t figure out what she was thinking, but at least it wasn’t Twilley.

In the meantime, a date card gets delivered to the guesthouse for the guy who gets the only one on one date of the week. It goes to Graham. Although Jason is still my front runner, Graham is a close second. He’s so cute and just really sweet and their date seemed to go pretty well. They fly kites, hang out by a fire at the beach and talk. DeAnna seems pretty bothered by the fact that Graham has only had one serious relationship that recently ended and for a minute it seems that she isn’t going to give him the rose, which would mean that we say goodbye to Graham. But, no. He gets the rose. He’s a little hard to read, so I can't predict what's going to happen. I think I need some more time with him ;)

When they come back from their date, Twilley is waiting for DeAnna. Waiting outside, in the bushes. Stalk much? This guy is really creepy. He tells her something like he wants her to know there’s another side to him, blah, blah. The fact does remain though that he's a stalker. And really creepy. DeAnna needs to get rid of him. Now.

The second group date goes to Chris, Robert, Brian, Jesse, Ron, Jeremy, and Eric and their group goes to Dodger Stadium, hangs out on the field and has a home run derby with Tommy LaSorda. Having nothing to do with DeAnna, these guys were totally psyched! Chris sings the national anthem poorly and has no idea of the words. Ummm….really? The winner of the home run derby gets some alone time with DeAnna. It’s Jeremy. He reveals to her that both of his parents have passed away, and DeAnna feels a bond with him. You do feel bad for him, but he’s still a dork. And she gives him the rose. Oy.

Back at the house, Jason decides to tell the rest of the guys about his son at home. They don’t seem to care too much, although I do wonder if one of them will stick this information in their back pocket and tell DeAnna about it before Jason does. If they do, Jason is sunk. I hope this doesn’t happen.

Now the guys are getting girly again and get all mad that Jeremy has two roses and gets to be in the mansion for a second week in a row. They act like he should have refused it to give everyone an equal shot. What the ….? One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.

This is getting really long so I’m going to give you just a few highlights of the weekly cocktail party. Ron asks DeAnna (in front of others) why Jeremy got two roses. DeAnna handled it pretty well and didn’t talk about what Jeremy had told her about his parents, which was really great of her. She then tells Twilley that she thought it was weird that he waited for her after her date with Graham. Go DeAnna! Then Jeremy talks to DeAnna about how the guys are mad at him and then kisses her. I think he’ll stay around for awhile, but won’t be in the finals. Lastly, the guys have a push up contest. Jesse wins, even though Ryan thinks he has it in the bag because he’s a pro football player. Sorry Ryan!

The 9 roses go to Ron, Jesse, Robert, Brian, Jason, Fred, Sean, Richard and Twilley (huh??). And Eric, Chris and Ryan (no surprise there) go home.

Twilley is MUCH worse than any of the guys eliminated, even Ryan. So I think she made a mistake there. Hopefully he’ll be gone next week.

Any predictions on the finals? Right now I am rooting for Jason, but also like Graham, Jesse and Brian, who although pretty quiet, seems extremely genuine. I'd love to hear what you think, leave a comment below!


  1. i am right there with you. i have been for jason and graham since the first night. it will take more time to see which one i like better.

  2. Jason is a favorite of mine too. And I thought for sure Twilley was going last week. He should have. It should have been Twilley, Ryan, and Greek (can't remember his name).

    I like Jesse a lot but I don't think he's her type. Graham is hot but doesn't seem too deep. Jeremy is creepy. Sorry, but he is. :)

  3. I think that it is between Jason and Jeremy. I think that she has a strong physical connection to Jeremy. He was the only one, on the first night, that when she met him outside the house, she said, "Stay out here with me."

    I think that Graham looks like he is hiding things. I do not trust him at all!



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