Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Worse Than I Thought....

This week, I was able to watch WLIW Channel 21's three part series Leaving Long Island, and felt informed, empowered and disturbed all at once. The series (each part is 1/2 hour) set forth questions and answers in a Town Hall format, having taken place at Hofstra University.

Young people ages 24 - 44 are leaving Long Island due to lack of affordable housing, high taxes and high cost of living. Unlike other areas of the United States, Long Island has minimal rental apartments, a fact that greatly contributes to the lack of affordable housing. "If you can't afford to buy a house, you can't live on Long Island," said one of the panelists on the program, and while 62% of houses in Nassau and Suffolk counties were priced less than $200,000 in the year 2000, that number was less than 4% last year. Those figures do not include property taxes.

The decreasing amount of young people will force Long Island companies to relocate because they will not have access to fresh, new talent, thereby increasing the cost of living for those remaining on Long Island because businesses will not be here to absorb a significant amount of the property tax cost. Add to this the fact that the Baby Boomer generation will soon be retiring, and Long Island stands to be in an extreme economic crisis. There are very large companies here that employ significant amounts of people - Cablevision, CA, Arrow Electronics and North Shore LIJ Health Care System, to name a few.

The good news is that this problem is being recognized by Long Island governments and people who matter. The answer can lie in this next statement - right now, the people of Long Island need to come together as a community to find ways to keep the younger generation here to ensure that we can all keep living, working and enjoying living on Long Island.

Leaving Long Island ran May 26 - May 28 at 730pm and 1130pm and will rerun on June 15 at 10am. If you haven't seen it, set your DVRs. If you are not in our programming area, you can watch it on the web. It is most definitely a don't miss. If you don't live here, it will make you appreciate where you do live.

Do you see the same thing happening where you live? Or are young people moving there in droves? I'm interested to hear.

Cross posted on newsletter dated 5/29/2008


  1. That's too bad. My hometown in California was like that. The cost of living was ABSURD. I don't know if they've caught on yet as to the desolate future that looms ahead if they don't change things. Here is Southern Az we enjoy a very reasonable cost of living. Of course, we have little more than cacti and reptiles to look at, but I guess you get what you pay for! And, believe it or not, the desert has grown on me.

  2. Did I even know about this blog? Did you tell the Disney Moms? I guess you probably did.

    Between a busy May with 5 Minutes for Mom, getting ready for a weeklong vacation, then recovering after a weeklong vacation, I am just now hitting my stride.

    Sorry. I feel like a heel.


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