Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Honey Do - or Don't?

Here's a fact: All married women have an endless list of tasks that we want our husbands to complete. Mine isn't on paper, it's in my head. It's often communicated via e-mail and text message as I remember things during the day. My poor husband - the onslaught of e-mails that he receives during the day from me is probably unbearable. I tell him about Aaron's baseball game or practice, last minute plans we made, the things he needs to do at home. Once he gets home from work, he has about an hour with the kids and during that time we try and eat dinner, so it's pretty much just him doing things to get them done before the kids go to bed, and then the bedtime routine. He often doesn't sit down until 8 or 9pm.

This morning I read information about a study that was conducted by Mighty Putty (you know, it's on the infomericals and HSN - the stuff that is said to stick ANYTHING together?) - anyway, the results were really not a surprise -while 94% of married women keep a "Honey Do" list, 78% of these wives wait weeks to years for the jobs to get done and 44% wind up doing the task themselves. Does this sound familiar?

Clearly though, women learn. Older married women between ages 56 and 67 tend to have fewer items on their Honey Do list than younger wives (ages 25 - 35). Is that telling? Read all the stats here Honey Doesn't List: Recent Study Shows Married Women Waiting A Long Time For Husbands to Complete Household Jobs.

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  1. Stumbled across your blog and LOVE this post!

    I have a honey-do BOOK!

    You know why? Cause nothing gets done around here. And you know that mighty putty commercial...well hubs has been saying for over a YEAR that he is ordering that for a small leak in one of our pool pipes...has he? NOPE...and it still leaks!

    Thanks for the laugh though!


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